Hi, my name is Terry Chen and I am a self-taught photographer and food blogger based out of San Francisco, CA. Welcome to Foodjournies.com!

I started Foodjournies in 2007 as a burgeoning food explorer, wanting to explore all of New York’s restaurant scene. As I went to more places, I inevitably encountered a whole new world of flavors and dishes. From that point onwards, I could not stop satisfying my love for all aspects of food – from the experience of eating and taking beautiful photographs to sharing this satisfying experience with others.

My Philosophy

My goal is to share my food adventures and inspire others to explore the world through a fun and vibrant lens. I want to help people discover great places to eat and experience delicious food, and so my blog features specific restaurants and city listicles.

I also share some recipes on the blog because as much as I eat out, I also do my best in making some pretty tasty food at home. It helps me appreciate chefs and the work they do even further.

Lastly, my food photos showcase my real dining experiences. There are no extra lights, no freebies. What you see on a plate is what I get on a plate, from kitchen to table. I believe it’s most important to capture things in its natural form and environment, even if it’s in a dark-lit restaurant. 🙂

About Me

As a born and raised New Yorker (Queens – Long Island – Manhattan), I grew up eating lots of Taiwanese, American and Italian foods. With food being central to my family’s culture, I quickly became enamored by the creation, consumption and industry around food.

Eventually I received a BS in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Chinese from New York University, Stern School of Business. Despite not majoring in anything obviously food-related, it’s never stopped me from being close and near to this industry. In 2010, I started Filled With Sweets – an Asian-American baking company in New York – and my products were featured on the Today Show and I had a multitude of clients including the W Times Square, Mandarin Oriental and many more.

After many years in New York, I decided to make a move to San Francisco to experience another part of the world, another food culture. This is where I am today.

Contact Me

If you’re interested in reaching out to get some information on my food photography or have a general question, fill out the contact form below!

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