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What’s On My Plate: New + Home

For my plates, I’ve been wanting to make something that either:

  1. Incorporates an ingredient I’ve never cooked before
  2. Reminds me of home aka. Taiwanese food

There’s both on this plate, which makes it an A+ in my book: Chinese tea egg (茶葉蛋) and trumpet mushrooms. If you’re wondering how it tasted, it was delicious (obviously since I made it right?) Sautéed mushrooms with tomatoes and onions gave it a good bite; while the tea egg was fragrant and perfect amount of salt. The strawberries ended things off on a naturally sweet note. It’s vegetarian friendly, and a great way to start the day!

As always, the list of farms where ingredients are from:

Breakfast/ Cooking

What’s on My Plate: “Californian Breakfast”

Special service announcement everyone…I cook, sometimes! One of the key benefits to living in California is that this state is full of great farms that turn out incredible produce. On the weekends, you can find me at a farmer’s market asking questions like, “how do you cook cranberry beans (side note: they do not taste like cranberries)? What is a pluot? (If you ever get one, it’s worth it.) Luckily I have an unabashed attitude, or one that comes across as completely unaware, so when I ask my questions strangers happily answer. Thank God for genuinely nice people!

Is this challenging? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

In the spirit of trying something new, from time to time I’ll be sharing what I make with a series called “What’s on My Plate.” I want to highlight what I’m eating, and the farms where these ingredients came from (insert promo to support local farmers). If there’s a request to provide a recipe, I’ll be happy to write about it – just let me know e.g. leave a comment, write me an email, send me a tweet…pick one!

This plate is my “Californian breakfast” because it well represents Cali (touches of Asian with American, with a heavy dash of farm) – the classic American Sunny Side Up egg with sautéed tomatoes. and traditional Chinese sticky rice (carbs are my friends) topped with Momofuku’s ginger scallion sauce. Flavorful, delicious, and tasty.

This plate includes ingredients from:

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Clinton St. Bakery – Pancake Month 2011

February is a special month for foodies in NYC. No, it’s not Valentine’s day but rather two special monthly events – City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Month and Clinton Street Bakery’s Pancake Month – which both foods are my loves. I managed to go to Clinton Street Bakery during my lunch hour and participate in their Pancake month. Be aware that the wait is on average an HOUR for two people, so you can only imagine how many people they manage to feed with their magical pancakes.

Pictured above are their Japanese Pumpkin pancakes served with pumpkin seed streusel and warm maple butter. What I loved about these pancakes was the fact that the pumpkin was also incorporated into the middle of the pancakes. The streusel was comprised of pumpkin seeds and brown sugar (I think), which gave it a nice bite. SO DELICIOUS!

And to add to the pancakes, fried green tomatoes. They were lightly fried, and tasted sweet and slightly tart. It’s on their normal menu so highly recommended whenever you go.

There’s still time left in pancake month so make sure to go!

Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant
4 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 602-6263

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Break From the Big City: Snow Goose Bed & Breakfast

Sometimes you need some time to get away from it all, look at some pretty trees and leaves, and breathe in the fresh crisp air. I’ve decided to make this an annual trip – seeing fall foliage in the Northeast – and drove up to the Adirondacks, upstate New York. I stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast inn called the Snow Goose Bed and Breakfast. They’re located in Keene Valley, about 30 minutes away from Lake Placid. So if you ever think about going to this area, this B&B is definitely the way to go.

To focus on the food, the breakfasts were always really good. Amy and Wayne (the innkeepers) managed to accommodate to my late mornings and kept the food warm. Everything always comes with coffee and a juice! Below are the foods they served:

Turkey sausage is always welcomed in the morning. It was nicely cooked and not too salty.

Parmesan potato hash was certainly interesting, more so than the average potato has you get in diners. It was both soft and crunchy too.

Tomato Asparagus Quiche. It was nicely baked – soft and eggy on the inside with a crisp exterior. I devoured this in a matter of seconds and went for a second round.

The second morning they had another round of delicious food:

Poached pears topped with yogurt. They came out warm and the pears just melted in your mouth. The yogurt was a nice contrast in providing a slightly tart taste against the sweet cinnamon flavors of the pear.

Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast. It’s as good as it looks. They used a nice thick bread to soak the batter and topped it with blueberries and cream cheese. It was both moist and crispy. God, now I really want some again.

The Baked Egg was really good. Not only was it different than how I normally eat eggs (i.e. scrambled, over easy) but had great flavor to it. Inside was roasted red peppers and spiced with oregano. The eggs weren’t dry and had a soft consistency.

For me, not only was I able to enjoy nature but also the delicious food at this B&B. I have to say, it was one of my most pleasurable experiences at a bed and breakfast. If I plan on going back to Lake Placid, I’ll be sure to stay there again.

Snow Goose Bed & Breakfast
1433 NYS Route 73
Keene Valley, NY
(518) 576-9460

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New Year: Bring It On!

2009 is here! Bring on the new year, and hopefully better luck than the last. As I sit here, blogging because I am currently un-staffed, it gives me the chance to devote myself to writing about my delicious food experiences. As I’ve noted before I know I’m pretty bad at updating this blog but I do aim to make my entries as meaningful (aka. “makes-you-hungry”) as possible.

I realized that I really enjoy eating brunch, namely because of theeggs. Ahhhh eggs…that cholesterol-filled bright-yellow yolk adjoined with streaming egg whites…perfect for starting a new day.

Top to Bottom: Eggs Norwegian from Pastis; Spinach and Garlic Eggs from 5 Ninth; Smoked Salmon Benedict from Stanton Social

All I can say is that I have a genuine appreciation for eggs done well. Trust me, plenty of places put too much hollandaise sauce or eggs are too well done. Cna you imagine DRY, CRUSTY eggs? Ew. That thought just makes me unhappy.

And now to talk about restaurants! My friends and I felt the urge to try out Stanton Social, located in the Lower East Side. Founded on the idea of sharing, all the dishes are designed as small portions to be served throughout the entire mealtime. At first I was a bit confused thinking, “is this like…Chinese lazy-susan dining style?” to which I was definitely off. I would say this is like…American-style tapas, specifically catered to accommodate several people.

Now that you are thoroughly confused, this is what I mean:

Grilled Pizzetta with fresh mozzarella, oven dried tomato, roasted garlic and hot chile oil. It was good, though nothing stood out about it.

Social Frittata with wild mushrooms with smoked goat cheese. Can’t say I really liked it, simply because it has smoked goat cheese…and those who know me know that I do not have an affinity towards cheese…

French Onion Soup Dumplings. I think these made the meal actually. Nothing to me stood out, aside from the restaurant concept and this dish. It had enough cheese, and the bread was able to catch the onion soup.

In addition, we saw BLAKE LIVELY there. She is as pretty as she is on television, and I wanted to take a picture with her. However, my friends advised me against it and by the time I mustered enough courage to ask, another group of Asians took pictures with her. That ruined my opportunity, but at least I know we dined with a celebrity…from afar…

Overall, food is okay and the concept is interesting. The decor definitely made it feel warm as well so I would say they did a good job incorporating sharing themes with their whole restaurant.

Stanton Social
99 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002