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Marta: Pizza and More

UPDATE: I’ve moved to San Francisco! There will be posts about NY restaurants that I want to note from last year, and will soon be more posts about some of my travels in Australia, SE Asia and SF! 

New Yorkers are always trying to find delicious pizza and luckily enough, it is easy to find. Of course there are notables – Motorino, Roberta’s, Joe’s – and new to the scene is Marta, opened by Maialino’s chef Nick Anderer. My friend and I were excited to scope this place out, knowing that there was two wooden ovens specially made to blast out delicious pizza.

As seen above, there were dishes offered beyond just pizza. Polpettine di Coniglio, rabbit meatballs served with black olives and ricotta cheese, were pretty good though not as juicy as I was hoping for.

The Cicoria salad – mixed chicory, arugula, citrus, parmigiano, hazelnuts – wasn’t anything special in particular. We ordered it just to feel healthier about our meal; this didn’t really do the trick but at least we made an attempt!

Overall their pizza dough was really good; the slices were thin and crust slightly crunchy and lightly chewy. Their pizzas were split into two categories: white and red pizzas. From the white section, we ordered the Funghi pizza served with fontina, hen of the woods, chanterelles, red onion, and thyme. If you like mushrooms, this is the one to get.

Is that egg on a pizza? Oh yes, we also ordered the Patate Alla Carbonara which had potatoes, guanciale, black pepper, pecorino, and a soft poached egg. It was good and hearty, plus the dough withstood the density of the yolk and meats. I wouldn’t mind eating this one again.

Last, but not least, dessert! We picked the Ice Cream Panino, something that was notably popular: salted chocolate cookie, pistachio, and smoked mascarpone gelato. At first taste, I was a bit unsure if I enjoyed it, but the flavors grow on you. They were subtle but interesting and tasty. Note that it might not be the easiest dessert to share.

Marta has good pizza and would like to try out more the next time I’m in New York.

29 E. 29th St.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 651-3800

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DT Works: Dessert Freebies Are Wonderful

After hearing about the DT Works‘s free deal on Serious Eats, I quickly urged a friend to come with me to get some dessert. Not only was today a perfect day to grab some ice cream – 80 degree sunny, slightly windy weather – but it gave me the excuse to bike down to the Lower East Side on a weekday.

I got their Honey-Rosemary ice cream. It was slightly and perfectly sweet, and ended off with a fragrant rosemary flavor. This definitely satisfied my desire to eat something cold, creamy, and sweet.

Peering into the baked goods display, something caught my eye.

This is their Sesame Passion Fruit macaron. Personally speaking I felt like it was a bit sweet but definitely has strong sesame and passion fruit flavor. They have other macarons but I hope they aren’t as sweet as the ones I tried out today.

Anyway I’m glad I got to taste what these guys have been making after moving from a dessert truck to a store front. I just hope they continue to make good and tasty sweets while holding true to their old-time popular desserts.

DT Works
6 Clinton St
New York, NY  10002

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Worldly Travels: Acapulco, Mexico and Taipei, Taiwan

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but it’s because I’ve been traveling the world! That’s right, Taiwan during a random week in February and Mexico for Spring Break. Both trips were a lot of fun, especially since I can get out of the cold New York weather. As usual I took plenty of pictures during my international journeys but I’ve decided to highlight the beautiful dishes that I ate:

Feb. 13~23 – Taipei, Taiwan

This is a picture of the first bowl of noodles I had when I got to Taipei. It may mean nothing to you, but it was really good. It helped me forget about the 18-hour layover in Anchorage, Alaska…taking away from my already-short trip back.

I found this at a department store in the basement levels. If you don’t know about Asian department stores, their basement levels are always filled with food courts and supermarkets. Deliciousness~

This is how Pork Chop Rice works. They give you a yummy bowl of minced pork rice with your pork chops on the side. Damn, this was a good piece of pork chop. You can see the pepper flakes on the chop, which made it real yummy.

These are scallion pancakes done in a Shanghainese style. Yeah, they’re huge and luckily they were cut into 4 smaller pieces. Otherwise I probably would have eaten the whole thing by myself. hahaha. Not to mention, because my aunt is baller, we ate this at a high-class department store. (Yes, there are also restaurants in baller high-end department stores in Taiwan.)

This is also eaten at the New Sogo Department store in Taipei, which was baller as well. This is their eel roll with cucumber inside. It was as good as it looks.

If you couldn’t tell already, the Japanese have a huge influence over Taiwan. All that red bean, matcha goodness is attributed to them. hahaha. Trust me, sometimes pictures can’t even do it justice as to how delicious these desserts were…you’ll just have to go to Taiwan yourself and try them out!

I was definitely sad to leave Taiwan so soon because there were SO many foods that I didn’t get to eat, but I suppose this summer will be the time to go back…heh heh.

Mar. 08~14 – Acapulco, Mexico

Mexico was a combination of sweet fruit, nachos and salsa, and scrumptious seafood. I gotta say, I did start get irked by the excessive shouting of taxi drivers and men in general, but there were definitely good eats down there. Mexicans sure know how to make a mean salsa. Here are my pics:

This smooth is called “Oasis“. How fitting. Before I saw this huge drink, my mouth was like a desert. hahaha. This drink saved me, and the best part of it was that it was all natural! Might I add that the restaurant that served this drink was named 100% Natural, just in case you thought you were getting something unnatural. Ha.

They also gave us these muffins, and we almost thought they were complimentary. No, they’re not…and thank God we asked. Otherwise, we probably would have scrambled for those muffinsbecause they looked so tempting.

Quesabrosas anyone? Yes, also from 100% Natural (can you tell that we loved this place?), it was delicious. The best part of it was I didn’t feel like I was eating anything unhealthy…but I think it’s because of the restaurant name. Damn, but it was a hella good quesabrosa.

Tacos? This is a picture of a real Mexican taco, not the ones you see at Taco Bell, but from a place called Tacos Orientalex. That’s right, you read it correctly. Orientalex. Despite the deceiving name, these tacos were EXTREMELY good. Highly recommended to anyone who goes down there to try some.

Shrimp Tacos. They look more like spring rolls to me, but they were good too. Eaten at a place called Julio’s. They have some great seafood there as well.

Want to go for some swanky seafood? Linda Vista is the place to be. Has a great view of Acapulco and its marvelous lights in addition to its high-quality seafood. This is a picture of an appetizer which was shrimp covered in bacon and tartar sauce on the side. Yummm…

Can’t forget the bread there. This is just one of my numerous pictures of baked goods. I actually didn’t get to eat this, but it looks like it would taste like creamy heaven.

Chicken with Mole Sauce. Don’t even ask me what mole sauce is. I can’t even describe it well…I can tell you what it’s not. It’s not sweet, sour, salty, perhaps slightly bitter? However, I enjoyed it enough to finish a decent portion…

Ice cream anyone? Yup, lots of ice cream stores down there, since it’s so hot.

This is a picture of the ultimate Mexican burger – not only does this include hamburger meat, but hot dog, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and probably a few more items. It may not look like it’s huge to you, but trust me, this burger from the cart was one of my best meals there.

I love traveling. and eating. =]