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  • How to Foodjourney

    How to Foodjourney

    After my trip to Italy and Malta – where I inundated my Instagram followers with story after story of food – people have asked me, “how did you figure out where to eat?” Well, I’m here to share tips on how I figured it out and where it got me eating on the trip! Do…

  • SPQR: Finally, Satisfying Tasty Italian

    SPQR: Finally, Satisfying Tasty Italian

    I have gone around to various San Francisco restaurants hoping to get delicious pasta dishes like I can in New York, with depth in flavor and cooked al dente. I became skeptical, thinking that good Italian is doomed in this city. For every time I expressed my frustration, a friend would mentioned SPQR. For that reason, I made the OpenTable reservation with a…

  • Ciano: Italian in the Flatiron

    Ciano: Italian in the Flatiron

    Italian food has become a way of life for me – the pastas, the tomatoes, fresh mozzarellas, and olive oils – make my mouth water and I’m always looking for great Italian restaurants. Ciano, the newest restaurant from the chef and sommelier of Cru (which is now closed), has gotten rave reviews with their home-made…