Successfully Blown My Money on Food

Even though I’m earning money right now with my internship, I realize that if I keep spending the amount of money I did this past weekend it’s all pointless. Nonetheless, it’s been real fun eating around, being with family and friends to try out places, and complain about our lives. hahaha.

After extensive research for a nice Mexican restaurant that wouldn’t completely cost you an arm or a leg, we went to Los Dos Molinos (18th st. between Irving Plaza and Park Avenue South). It was a good start to the weekend. Their prices were fairly reasonable, ranging from $7 ~ $22, depending upon whether you got a huge plate of food or not. The inside of the restaurant was real festive as exemplified by this picture:

After asking our waiter plenty of questions – “What is a tostada?” “Can I have no beans in mine?” “What is a burro?” – we finally knew what we wanted. I ordered the Chicken Tostada, which was pretty good.

As you can see, there’s cheese, lettuce, a tomato, chicken on top of a flat cripsy tortilla. Yum yum. The waiter was pretty accommodating too since there’s usually black beans in here and we aren’t supposed to modify these dishes. However, he made an exception for us. Yay!

On Saturday, since I received my first paycheck I treated out my family for my favorite meal – BRUNCH! We went to Cornelia Street Cafe, which is on Cornelia Street (off of Bleecker) in the West Village. It’s a real cute place and at night they have performances there. Their brunch special for $15 seems really good. Let’s just say you choose 4 things (2 beverages, 1 bread, 1 entree) so it’s pretty awesome.

That is their Portabello, Spinach, Sweet Onion, and Swiss Quiche served with a side salad with balsamic vinagrette. It was pretty good. This quiche costs $8, which isn’t too bad. All in all, good times with the family alongside a great meal.

This weekend was really interesting to say the least. A night of horrible burning sensations of my hands (because of my stupidity in dealing with jalapeno peppers), Wedding Crashers, shopping, and lots of eating!

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