This past Thursday, my wonderful roommate Vic organized a nice outting to Vong which is one of Jean-Georges’ restaurants. As you can see from the lovely entrance, it was quite a fancy smansy place for us poor college students (with paying internships!).

It is Thai-French cuisine…who would have thought that those two would come together. Vic made all of us “dress up” and we all seemed to look great in our photos. haha. Look at this interior! We were all so baller.

Anyway, it was a really great night. Of course I have all of what I ate featured:

(1) Starter: Rice Cracker with Peanut Sauce

(2) Appetizer: Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna with market greens and soy peanut sauce

(3) Main Course: Roasted Duck with lychees, shitake mushrooms and bak choy

(4) Dessert: Banana-Passion Fruit Sald with White Pepper Ice Cream

(5) Complimentary Mint: Chocolate Covered Mint Sorbet

Definitely a lot of fun. My friends kept telling me to stop taking pictures and actually EAT by food, which i did. The check for us 8 people amounted to $372.29. Oh yeah, we were high rollers that night. This explains why I’m packing my lunches for the rest of the week…

Just so that you believe me when I say that I take pictures of PEOPLE…

From the left, that would be me, Vic, and Prestine.

Good times this summer. Hopefully more are to come!

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