Feast: Momofuku Bo SSsäm

As I flipped through all my food photos (and try to catch up this blog with all the good eats), I came across one of the finest feasts I have had with my friends: Bo Ssäm at Momofuku’s Ssäm Bar. Let me say that I am NOT the hugest fan of all their food — don’t even get me started on Momofuku’s Ramen, but THIS meal/dish is marvelous. To all the meat eaters out there, this is a MUST to experience with your friends. Note: You must make a reservation for a group of 6 or more and it must be made at least one day in advance.

We gathered together, all starving for pork butt that had been cooked for 6-7 HOURS. “Meat, meat, meat”, we all chanted. They started bringing over the fundamental materials needed to properly eat this dish.

This is the lettuce, Ssäm jang, salted shrimp, and kimchi to wrap the meat in. I have to say, the sauces were so good. So good to the point where we had to ask for refills at least two times. I am pretty sure the waiters were prepared and sauces appeared instantaneously before our eyes.

Aside from the meat, 12 oysters come with the meal. We weren’t really interested in this and I didn’t feel like it added much to the feast either. No one really complained. After all, we thought the more food the better. This just whetted our appetite, kind of like a pre-game before a major event.

After some light conversation and much anticipation that amassed amongst us, they brought the core of our meal: pork butt – the Bo Ssäm.

OH MY GAWD. As the plate of roasted pork butt was placed in front of us, we gawked and slurped up the drool that was dripping off the side of our faces. Then someone asked, “how are we supposed to cut this?” One of us rushed to grab the knife and quickly took a stab onto this piece of meat. OH YEAH. We saw the meat just fall right off the bone - juicy, fatty, tender – and all quickly reached for our plates.

The frenzy had begun.

Ten hungry people reached for meat, lettuce, sauces all at the same time required a particular kind of harmony. Place all sauces onto personal plate. Pass the lettuce to the person on your left. Grab more meat. Eat eat eat. Silence fell upon us as we all munched together.

A close up of my plate…that is some nice lookin’ meat.

Yeah, all our sauces are gone…into our tummies. Delicious and satisfying.

As we wiped our hands and scraped our plates, we all realized how incredible this meal has been. It brought together people with the same desire to eat some good food for a fair price. Because there were ten of us, it amounted to cost around $25/person…with tip! Granted, because there were ten of us, there wasn’t as much meat as they would have liked, but it was still a memorable meal.

Conclusion: Make the reservation. Enjoy. Thank me later for the recommendation.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar
207 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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