Public: Fusion is the Name of the Game

Yup, I am reviewing another fusion restaurant. So finnnnne…maybe I go to more fusion restaurants than I would like to admit, but at least I am featuring GOOD places right? Anyway the point is that I was impressed by two things:

1.) the menu ingredients are very varied (i.e. wild boar, quail & foie gras, Tasmanian sea trout)
2.) the restaurant is really spacious and felt down-to-earth yet sophisticated

Now down to the stuff you’ve been waiting for…delicious food pictures.

Here we have the Grilled Scallops appetizer. This is served with sweet chili sauce, creme fraiche, and green plantain chips. I gotta say, there’s nothing better than a nicely grilled scallop, especially since it’s so meaty and has a smooth bite.

Snail and Oxtail Ravioli. Yup I had to try it…not only did it sound so intriguing to me, but it’s not a combination of meat that I have seen. It is served with pickled shiitake mushrooms, oven dried tomatoes, peashoots and smoked paprika oil. Some foodies would say that I “nommed nommed” and finished it easily. I enjoyed the vegetable : ravioli ratio AND the sauce totally enhanced flavors. I just wanted to say “can I have some mooorrreee?

Lastly, and sadly I cannot seem to remember what this dish was…blame it on my horrible memory or the “al-al-al-al-alcohol”, but here’s a picture of it:

I cannot figure it out for the life of me. If any of you have an idea, PLEASE let me know, pretty please. Otherwise I might just shrivel up in frustration and agony in a corner of my small bedroom over a delicious dish I cannot remember. Yes, that is how serious I am. Leave a comment, email, SOMETHING.

Conclusion: It lives up to the Michelin Star ranking it received. Interesting dishes, comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere, and a friendly waitstaff. It is a great place for a date especially for a avid food fanatic.

210 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 343-7011

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