Hung Ry: Hand-Pulled Noodles Outside of Chinatown

With a name like Hung Ry, how can you not want to try out this restaurant? Okay, seriously beyond its name, I’ve heard that they hand-pull their noodles and cook up tasty noodle soups outside of Chinatown. A review said that it had more complex broths than their Chinatown counterparts, which accounts for a more expensive bowl of noodle soup. So I gathered a group of curious foodies and made reservations. Another appeal: you can make reservations here as opposed to many ramen / noodle shops that will not take any reservations.

Apps featuring different animal parts, anyone? We started off with beef tongue served with black beans, rutabaga, pickled in an aromatic broth. How does tongue taste? It’s actually pretty good, and it wouldn’t be obvious that you ate a tongue. There wasn’t any particularly memorable about the dish aside from the fact that it was tongue.

I’m used to seeing frog legs stir fried in an onion / scallion sauce. Instead Hung Ry serves their frog legs with celery root and walnuts. A bit more gourmet and very tasty. The frog legs are tender and have a lightly crisp skin. Definitely something I would eat again.

Amongst their list of 8 types of different broths, I order the Duck Breast noodles served with gizzard, Szechuan peppers and kaboucha squash. You can choose between having thick or thin noodles and as you can tell from above, I ended up choosing thin noodles so I could use the chopsticks I bought from Shop-Chopsticks that finally arived. The noodles are well cooked, al dente, and have good firmness to the bite. The broth didn’t end up being so “complex” as I hoped and lacked a few ingredients I feel to be vital to chinese noodle soups. As seen in the picture above, there was no trace of any green – no scallions, no cilantro – and that makes this noodle soup less colorful and interesting. My noodle dish wasn’t the only one that suffered from the lack of green either. It’s an easy addition and something I would hope they include in the future.

Do I think this place is worth $16 for noodle soup? Not quite. However, there are a lot of pros: accepts reservations, freshly made noodles, and a variety of broths to keep you satisfied all winter. It’s worth a try and look to enjoy some delicious strings of noodles, at least.

Hung Ry Restaurant
55 Bond Street, between Lafayette and Bowery
(212) 677-4864

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