Má Pêche: Beef 7 Ways – A Meat Feast

Má Pêche, the 4th restaurant of David Chang’s empire, is his first midtown restaurant located in the Chambers Hotel.  The “boeuf sept façons” better known as “beef seven ways” meal is…intense. Boy, if you love meat you will love this meal.  Similar to his other food feasts, this meal can feed up to 10 people and requires a minimum of 4…and trust me, you will want and need all 10 people to be there considering they give you TONS of meat.

First course featured the tongue made into a salad comprised of basil, tatsoi, and plum vinaigrette. I was VERY impressed with this dish because it made me want to eat tongue! All the flavors melded together very nicely, and the tongue was sliced thin and was very tender.

Along with the salad was the wagyu served with ginger, scallion, and radish. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with wagyu but they did a great job highlighting the meat itself.  Oh the wagyu meat definitely melted in my mouth…gotta love that fat.

What is in this plate o’meat? There was sausage made of lemongrass, thai basil, and shallots, and the Cote de Boeuf which has butter, thyme, and garlic.  I must say, both of these dishes were REALLY good.  The sausage was well flavored and well spiced. The cote de boeuf was nicely cooked, tender and perfectly juicy.

Oxtail was cooked with soy, sherry, and apple juice which made it tender and slightly sweet. I could only eat once piece at this point but it was very good. The meat fell off the oxtail and had very good flavor.

And then there’s the SHANK. Not sure if you could tell how large this shank is, but it was huge. The shank came with the bone and served with crab paste, onion, and chili. The more impressive part of this dish was the size of it rather than the taste. It was the hurdle and if you and your friends could conquer it, more power to you all. We didn’t want to scoffed by the waitress, so all the guys managed to muster more stomach room and finished the shank.

The last course, the consommé with cilantro, basil, and lime reminded me of pho broth. I was just glad that this wasn’t something I needed to chew.

All in all, it was a memorable meal – a meat feast. There were definitely some highlights and requires intense eating skills from everyone to finish it all. Make sure to bring a group of friends that are ready to eat their faces off.

Má Pêche
15 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 757-5878

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  1. Oh, I can tell how big that shank is, and I WANT IT. That thing is crazy and amazing.

    (I found you when my boyfriend pointed me to your EMP foie gras macaron photo. Also crazy and amazing!)

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