Alive At Last! Returning with Jungsik

Hello long-lost food blog! I’ve finally had the opportunity to find time and take care of some backlogged food pictures, including my time at Jungsik. My friend Eric, huge foodie, wanted to check out the up-and-coming restaurants in NYC and luckily I read a NY Article on this restaurant. Refined Korean cuisine? Yes please!

Their menu is similar to that of Eleven Madison Park where you can pick the dishes you want from certain sections. We opted to do that versus their tasting menu. These menus can be found here:

Being that this post has taken a while, please excuse the lack of detail around how good things taste…hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves!

 Mushroom dish

Octopus with Ssamjang Aioli

 Wagyu Tartare

Spicy Ramyun with Crispy Pork Belly in a Savory Broth

Black bass

Smoked Pork Jowl with Pickled Ramp

Monkfish Duo - Monkfish Liver in a Sea Squirt Broth

AND onto desserts…

Plum with Lychee-Rose Mousse and Sablé Crumble

Green Team Cremeux with Sweet Red Bean and Roasted Soy Ice Cream

Jang Dok - Chocolate-Mandarin Mousse, Banana Jam

Last bits of sweets – macarons, chocolates and green tea mini muffins.

Something I DO remember is that I would recommend to allow this meal to be 3 hours. Things took quite a long time, and even though everything was great, it definitely made us sleepy by the end of the meal.

2 Harrison Street (Hudson Street)
Telephone: (212) 219-0900

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