Sushi Nakazawa: Looking Beyond His Tutelage

Chef Nakazawa, apprentice of the famous Jiro from “Jiro Dreams of Sushi“, has touched down to New York’s West Village and opened up a sushi restaurant. You have the freshest fish being served here alongside a fine sake selection. The decor inside is simple and elegant.

In my opinion, the biggest differentiator within high-end sushi omakases comes down to how each chef decides to prepare the fish – not just raw with rice, but use of various approaches like torching, marination or aging with the fish itself. Sushi Nakazawa definitely has  interesting ways of seafood preparation in additon to housing the famous tamago (egg omelet) that required Jiro’s stamp of approval, so come and seek it out (yes it has a $150 price tag).

Unforunately I can’t identify all the fish here, but as you can tell there are a number of different delicious pieces.

More and more fish!

This series of sushi pieces resonated with me because they had an interesting texture or were just very fresh.

Uni. Enough said.

Tuna hand roll – delicious and easy to eat, despite being at the tail end of the omakase.

The famous tamago that takes months to perfect. It was almost cake-like and sweet, a good way to end the meal as almost like a dessert.

It’s an expensive meal but a very good one. I would happily go again, and eat some more well prepared and thought out sushi. Something is said to having a great meal where everything is tasty, simple and well-balanced, just the way the Japanese do it.

Sushi Nakazawa
23 Commerce St
New York, 10014
Phone:(212) 924-2212

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