North River: Belly Doughnuts and More

After reading a Zagat snippet about weekend brunch at North River titled “If you’re looking to be bad”, I was enticed to go check out the “belly doughnut“. What exactly does this donut entail? Slow-cooked pork belly, miso, coconut flakes, and brown sugar. It was awfully delicious, and a perfect example of how sweet and savory can work together to delight your tastebuds.

North River is a new addition to the East Village, serving traditional American dishes with small twists (e.g. shrimp pad thai tacos). Started by Culinary Institute of America alumni Colby and Sarah Zito, and Adam Starowicz as chef, you’ll find their culinary backgrounds in places like Momofuku Ko, Mas (farmhouse), Maialino, etc. matches how good the food tastes. The recently opened for brunch, which is the meal I went for, and I found it to be delectable.

The scrambled eggs were perfectly soft cooked, incorporating smoked salmon, cream cheese, and dill in it. It’s exactly how you would imagine good scrambled eggs would taste like – bits of salty with creamy and fluffy texture of the eggs – served with potatoes. If I had this every morning, I would be a very happy worker.

Spicy chicken sandwich served with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and french fries was good. Nothing particularly exceptional about it, but that’s what made it good. Simple and straightforward.

With what I experienced at brunch, I intend on going back to experience dinner and happy hour. Of course, I’ll also want another order of the belly doughnut please.

North River
166 First Avenue (near 9th Street)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 228-1200

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