I Forgot It’s Wednesday: Gatherings Fit for Foodies

Albeit some time has passed since I went to an I Forgot It’s Wednesday dinner, but as a very different and memorable dining experience, it is worthwhile to blog about! So what exactly is a I Forgot It’s Wednesday dinner?

These dinners gather 10-12 people together to enjoy a tasty meal, personally curated by the ones who’ve prepared your food – Jenny Wang and Matt Dorsey. It’s a great way to meet new people and engage in conversations (they ask you fun facts about yourself which is used during dinner), as well as partake in dishes centered around what Jenny finds at the local farmers’ markets.

For this dinner, they started it off with Dairyere Cheese & Scallion Pinwheel served with sweet ginger jam. I liked it as a starter; the pinwheel was a light savory bite that whet my appetite for the later dishes.

The Warm Egg Salad comprised of a soft boiled egg, radicchio, mizuna, blood orange, and anchovy from Knoll Krest Farms and Satur Farms was delicious. It was nicely flavored with layers of a mild citrus and egg to balance the saltiness from the anchovy.

The Salmon Tartare made of wild sockeye salmon, yuzu, daikon, shiso, cucumber, sesame seeds from Norwich Farms, was very enjoyable. It displayed Jenny’s knowledge of Japanese cuisine; the dish was well balanced and light. It’s a great dish, not only for the winter but, during the spring/summer as well.

Next followed the Five Spice Sirloin Steak served with pomegranate, yu choy, watermelon radish, upland cress, homemade preserved lemon from Elk Trails Ranch, Norwich Farms, and Sky Vegetables. I particularly liked the combination between the steak and pomegranate because it gave a nice sweet tartness against the light spice and protein-rich flavor.

The meal ended with a Panna Cotta served with ginger chocolate, blood orange zest, crushed green tea kit-kats from Ronnybrook Farm Diary and Gnosis Chocolate. Lots of components in here that I really liked like from both flavor and texture; the kit-kits added a nice crunch and the milky panna cotta melded all the flavors nicely altogether.

Lastly drinks, made by Matt, were very tasty so make sure to try one out during dinner!

It’s very clear that this couple love serving and talking about food and drink. They’re moving to San Francisco, and will continue hosting I Forgot It’s Wednesday dinners, so for those who live there be sure to check it out! San Francisco is inheriting another pair of passionate foodies, adding to SF’s vibrant food scene of organic and local produce. Best of luck out in the West Coast!

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