How to Foodjourney

After my trip to Italy and Malta – where I inundated my Instagram followers with story after story of food – people have asked me, “how did you figure out where to eat?” Well, I’m here to share tips on how I figured it out and where it got me eating on the trip!

  1. Do some research

    There’s no shortcut here unfortunately, but you will reap great benefits if you take some time to look into what’s there. Below is a shortlist of resources I look into:

    1. Eater/Infatuation/Serious Eats – Eater 38 city lists are great since they usually include a short description of the restaurant and why it’s on the list to begin with. I also like their Hottest Restaurants city lists since you get a sense of what’s trending. Infatuation also has some great city restaurant guides as well.
      Eater 38 Florence
      Infatuation Rome
      Serious Eats Naples Pizza
    2. Reach out to friends – Mining your networks is a great way to gather suggestions and tips. It’s  helpful to have people you trust point you to specific places and talk about their experiences. Typically I create a post on my Facebook profile that highlights where I’m going and ask for recommendations.
    3. Local blogs – Never hurts to google “<city name> restaurant blog” since there are food bloggers everywhere! Not to mention, these bloggers are likely not part of industry so you get the “real deal” when it comes to dining at certain well-known (or not known) establishments.
    4. Foursquare score (iOS / Android) – I review Foursquare scores since anything above a 9.0/10 all but guarantees a great meal.
  2. Add these places onto a list

    I create Foursquare lists because it enables me to aimlessly wander while knowing that I’ll be able to route myself to somewhere tasty nearby. For Foursquare lists, it automatically creates a map view where you see scores, restaurant details (e.g. hours, website), and tips. I also like putting the hotel/Airbnb I’m staying at to help orient myself within the area. By using an app service, you can also access it anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

  3. Make reservations for “popular” or fine-dining restaurants

    I usually google the name of the restaurant, check out the website and see how to make reservations. It’s usually a toss-up; some places have online systems but others, you’ll have to email or call.

Italy/Malta Highlights

The list below are the standouts from my trip, which were found using the tips above. Hopefully this gives you insight into planning your own foodjourney!

Favorite App – Antipasti for Two

Favorite Pasta – Pappardelle with Duck Ragu

  • Where: Osteria Vini Vecchi Sapori, Florence
  • How I Found This: Foursquare

Favorite Pizza – Margherita

  • Where: Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare, Naples
  • How I Found This: Serious Eats

Favorite Seafood Entree – Catch of the Day

  • Where: Zeri’s Restaurant, Saint Julian’s
  • How I Found This: Foursquare

Favorite Gelato – Blackberry

  • Where: Gelateria della Passera, Florence
  • How I Found This: Foursquare

If you have more tips to share on how you decide where to eat, leave a comment!

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