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  • SF: My Guide to Liho Liho Yacht Club

    SF: My Guide to Liho Liho Yacht Club

    I often get the question, “I’ve heard of Liho Liho but never been there. Is it worth it to go to?” My answer is undeniably yes. It is totally worth getting a reservation there or trying to snag a seat at the bar. Note: If you want a table seat, go right when they open…

  • Aina: SF Gets Lei’ed

    Aina: SF Gets Lei’ed

    San Francisco has its fair share of the latest Hawaiian craze sweeping through our cities, and I am all for this. Hawaiian cuisine has a lot of flavors that I love – island food (e.g. seafood, fresh fruits, etc.) with an overlay of Japanese influence. What’s great about āina is that they’ve taken their love of…