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  • Reliving the Bon Chon Experience at Boka

    Reliving the Bon Chon Experience at Boka

    Walking in the East Village on St. Marks street, it is inevitable to feel like you have been transported to another world made up of grilled chicken sticks, pomegranate-flavored yogurt covered with fruit, and falafel sandwiches. The restaurants, clothing stores, and tattoo parlors are stacked on top of each other with little room to expand…

  • In Remembrance of Persimmon

    In Remembrance of Persimmon

    Kimchi and Sides My friend approaches me for a restaurant suggestion and asks, “So I have about four people for dinner tonight. Where do you think we should go? Nothing crazy.” “I like Persimmon. It’s Neo Korean, East Village”, I say. A few minutes later she tells me that Persimmon is closed. CLOSED. “Wait you…