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Ultimate Summer Dessert: Mango Shaved Ice

I LOVE mango shaved ice. Ever since I tasted the original version in Taiwan, I have yearned for good Taiwanese shaved ice in the city. I have tried several including the ones listed on a recent Serious Eats article, ranking best shaved ice spots around New York City. However, Just Sweet Dessert House is one place hasn’t been reviewed since it just opened. I noticed that this dessert spot has various versions of Asian shaved ice and desserts so it was instantly a MUST-TRY for me.

Naturally I picked the Mango Lover – Shaved ice topped with mango syrup, sliced bananas, mango, and sago. There’s supposed to be whipped cream on it but I guess they must have left it out. The mango slices were sweet and sago was nice and chewy (aka. “QQ). Banana slices are freshly cut so has great flavor. Very tropical and deliciously sweet. Of course it is not the same as Taiwan: no condensed milk, different texture of shaved ice; however I will gladly take a bowl of this any day in the summer.

If anyone wants to try the other shaved ice bowls, let me know!

Just Sweet Dessert House
83 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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Mountains of Ice!

I know spring has only begun, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think and crave summer foods right? One particular ingredient pops into my mind: Shaved Ice. Ice is such a versatile ingredient when it comes to creating a delicious dessert, especially when consuming it under the hot, humid sun, nothing is quite like how ice just melts in your mouth to cool you off.

So what exactly do you add to shaved ice to make it so good? It’s all about the ingredients baby.

This is Ippudo’s shaved ice dessert. It has red bean, mochi, strawberries, condensed milk and topped with a cherry. I believe Larry and I devoured this dessert in minutes. Can you blame us?

However this dessert is most common in Asia, namely Taiwan. The tropical weather, humid and hot, is best suited for some delicious ice. Hot Weather + Shaved Ice = Immense Satisfaction. There are many different combinations for ice:

This is Azabu Sabo’s Black Sesame Ice with Soft Serve. Yes, that black stuff is the black sesame and not random goo. The black sesame is mildly sweet but in conjunction with the soft serve and condensed milk creates a perfect combination of nutty and sweet flavors.

This is a traditional Taiwanese shaved ice dessert. What’s awesome is that you can choose what ingredients you want. How much is this bowl? I believe it’s close to $2.00. Insane isn’t it?! I happily picked out my favorite things: red bean, QQ jelly, tong yuan, condensed milk, and tapioca. It’s a whole bowl of delicious chewiness…:drool drool:

Calling ALL mango lovers…my most favorite: MANGO ICE. This place called Ice Monster offers this in the summer, which mangoes are abundant and naturally sweet. Imagine this…mango + mango ice cream + ice + condensed milk. This cannot be denied. Devoured? Yes. Instantaneous.

In conclusion, shaved ice is the best kind of dessert you can have on a sunny, hot day. For now we can just think about it until summer comes…then scarf away on ice. That is if you can handle the brain freeze.