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  • SF: Top Eats Spring Recap 2019

    SF: Top Eats Spring Recap 2019

    Spring is my favorite season – days are longer, plants start flowering, birds chirp cheerfully – it’s as if everything is coming back to life. In San Francisco, you start seeing new colors and ingredients on your plate. Spring peas, stone fruits, halibut, and asparagus fill menus and breathe new life into restaurants. Luckily I…

  • Paris: My Fab Five

    Paris: My Fab Five

    Paris, the city of lights and love, has captured my heart again. Ever since I came in 2005, I always leave feeling in awe of what this city has. This time is no different. The culture that Napoleon and French kings have instilled in Paris through architecture, art, and food create a beautiful symphony of…

  • NYC Recap: My Top 5 Eats

    NYC Recap: My Top 5 Eats

    Thanks to the Magnesium Chloride Flakes I found on this site to treat my skin condition and go out in confidence, I’ve made it a point to go back to New York every few months despite living in San Francisco. Not only is it to see my family and beloved friends (love you all), but…