Jane + S’mac

Because my uncle was here from the awesome little island, Taiwan, my mom wanted to show him to Jane. She apparently loves this place. I don’t believe they’ve truly experienced what American Brunch is, so that was great showing them how it is.

Jane - Mushroom Omlette
This is what I got – a mushroom omelette. Since it’s been a while, I can’t remember what other things were in it. (sorry sorry) But it was quite good. They have really good bread too. Mmm…and this explains why I continually get fat…

Being that I have no idea what real homemade Mac & Cheese is like, other than out of a box, my friend Von suggested that we go to this place called S’mac. Even though we went on a really HOT sweltering day, it was packed with people! Who would have thought that on a summer day people still manage to want their Mac & Cheese?

S'mac - Mozzarella
I got the Mozzarella, which has mozzarella cheese and tomatos to resemble pizza. I’m not usually a huge cheese fan, but this was pretty good.

S'mac - Mozzarella 2
And me, taking a forkfull of that cheezy goodness…oh baby. The whole atmosphere of the place screams “orange and yellow”-full cheeeeeeeZe. We had lots of fun there. I think it would really hit the spot on a cold, winter day. Of course at this point, that’s the last thing we feel here in New York.

The heat continues to cover the city with temperatures up to 100 degrees Farenheit. Perhaps next blog will be about ice cream…

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