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Hi! I’m Terry, and Welcome to Foodjournies

I started Foodjournies in 2007 as a burgeoning food explorer, wanting to explore all of New York’s restaurant scene. As I went to more places, I inevitably encountered a whole new world of flavors and dishes. From that point onwards, I could not stop satisfying my love for all aspects of food – from the experience of eating and taking beautiful photographs to sharing this satisfying experience with others.

While I enjoy eating and experiencing lots of different foods and cuisines, I particularly enjoy and understand Asian cuisines. Sushi, beef noodle soup, korean BBQ, pho, you name it. I’m there. Eating.

About Me

As a born and raised New Yorker (Queens – Long Island – Manhattan), I grew up eating lots of Chinese (including Taiwanese), American and Italian cuisine. I also had the opportunity to go back to Taiwan often as I grew up, and eventually studied there. It led me to fully embrace all the delicious flavors that beautiful island has to offer. After some years in New York, I decided to make another move to San Francisco to experience another food culture.

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If you’re interested in reaching out or having a good meal with me, fill out the contact form below!

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