After A Long Break…Japanese!

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged…I completelyapologize for my lack of food entries and journies. It’s been quite hectic lately – job search, school work, midterms, club activities. All those things add up to ZERO free time. However, I’ve found time to go to restaurants, eat, and take pictures.

I gotta say, one of my latest dinners this month was a really big pick-me-up from the depressing job search: Chiyono + Chikalicious. I’ve been meaning to go to both for a LONG time, so when my friend and I went, I forgot about my hectic life for that night…which was much needed.

Originally, my friend and I found this place called indian restaurant birkdale randomly. Nonetheless, it’s a real authentic Indian restaurant. Everyone in there spoke Punjabi and I had to ask lots of questions to figure out what the heck I was going to eat. hahaha.

I got their Fried Oyster dish, which is a special winter dish:

First off is Chiyono.  It was really good. The paste on the top right is actually spicy…reminded me of wasabi. Anyways, it’s definitely worth a trip there. The restaurant is really cozy and has this huge wooden table in the middle, to share the place. It’s a relatively small restaurant, but if you want some authentic “home-cooked” Japanese food, this is a great place to go. Highly recommended. And most importantly, it’s not too expensive so it won’t hurt your wallet.

Afterwards we were still hungry so my friend suggested to go to Chikalicious. I think he said that because he knew my spirits needed to be lifted up…through food. Just by mentioning Chikalicious made me SO happy.

If y’all don’t know about Chikalicious, it’s basically a dessert place in the East Village where their menus change everyday and are freshly made by this Japanese women and a fellow chef. It’s incredible. There’s a fix prix menu of $12, additional $7 if you want a wine pairing with your dessert and what you get is an Amuse + Entree + Petit Fours. So it’s treated like a real meal, except it’s dessert. I think my pictures will show you what I mean:

This is the Amuse, which basically means an “appetizer” that is a few bites. Psh…it’s definitely amusING for them to tease you…making you wait in anticipation for the next course. It was real cool since we also got to watch them make the desserts; we sat at the bar so we were lucky.

My friend got this dish, which is a “Warm Chocolate Tart with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream and Red Wine Sauce“. Yum yum.

I got this dish, which was “Banana Salad on Crispy Kataifi and Chocolate Pudding with Mint Froth“. It was really good. Their shapes and combination of fresh ingredients made it very tasty and unique. I loved it.

Lastly, we ended with Petit Fours. There’s marshmellow with coconut flakes, chocolate truffle, and…well, the last one has a hazelnut on top of it. My friend fell in love with the hazelnut. hahaha. All in all, Chikalicious is DEFINITELY a place to visit so make sure you go! I warn you that it gets very busy during the weekends, so you should try to get there at 8 PM on weekends or go during the weekdays. They’re opened until they run out of the ingredients…and people seriously will wait for a long time so this place. It’s very good so I encourage all of you readers to go!

Alright, so that’s that. If I have time, I will definitely post more of my adventures!

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