Yes, It’s Time for a Review

Hello hello…I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve actually blogged, but since I’m a second semester senior, it’s about time I picked this up again. Hopefully y’all missed my lovely adventures. This time it was at a place called Stand (click for the NYMag review), which just recently opened. It’s located on 12th St. between University and 5th Avenue. It’s right by other really well-known restaurants like Gotham Bar and Grill.

Anyways, after walking 10 minutes in the freezing New York weather, we arrive at a restaurant with huge windows and Restaurant Ceiling Tiles; it has a look of real cleanliness. That is definitely a huge plus. Plus, they have both benches and chairs for seats, as well as barstools at the counter. When we went, they didn’t have an alcohol license but I’m pretty sure they will get that soon…after all, it seems like a true burger joint would need to be able to serve some beer. So here are the pics:

This is their counter, where you can watch the magic of burger assembly come alive. haha. Plus, eat your food.

This is a picture of what is on their table. That’s right, it looks like Japanese mayo to me (which is sweeter than American mayo), the classic Heinz Ketchup, and pepper.

This is the Salmon Burger I got, with a side of tartar sauce. It was pretty good, and since I’ve never had a salmon burger before, it was a nice experience to try it out.

That is their classic burger. Doesn’t that just scream meaty. hahaha. Jon ordered that medium rare. Yum yum.

Conclusion: All in all, pretty good burgers and a nice atmosphere. If you’re looking for a burger joint to try out, since Shake Shack is closed at this time, Stand may be a place for you to try!

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