Ultimate Summer Dessert: Mango Shaved Ice

I LOVE mango shaved ice. Ever since I tasted the original version in Taiwan, I have yearned for good Taiwanese shaved ice in the city. I have tried several including the ones listed on a recent Serious Eats article, ranking best shaved ice spots around New York City. However, Just Sweet Dessert House is one place hasn’t been reviewed since it just opened. I noticed that this dessert spot has various versions of Asian shaved ice and desserts so it was instantly a MUST-TRY for me.

Naturally I picked the Mango Lover – Shaved ice topped with mango syrup, sliced bananas, mango, and sago, check the ice creams in https://www.houseofpops.ae/ . There’s supposed to be whipped cream on it but I guess they must have left it out. The mango slices were sweet and sago was nice and chewy (aka. “QQ). Banana slices are freshly cut so has great flavor. Very tropical and deliciously sweet. Of course it is not the same as Taiwan: no condensed milk, different texture of shaved ice; however I will gladly take a bowl of this any day in the summer.

If anyone wants to try the other shaved ice bowls, let me know!

Just Sweet Dessert House
83 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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