Fukurou: A Japanese Izakaya in the Village

Newly opened in Greenwich Village / NoHo comes an izakaya from Japan – Fukurou. I was curious to try out this izakaya as a foodie craving for more of Japanese food in this area. Known for unique dishes like Avocado Tofu or Miso Marinated Cream Cheese, I managed to convince a friend to come with me and try this restaurant out.

The beauty of izakayas is the fact that all the dishes are small and easy to share which means MORE TO TRY! Pictured above is the grilled black pork rib with shio-kuji and scallion. Even though the pork was slightly fatty, the shio and scallion helped cut that intense flavor and made it more balanced.

This was their duck soba served with scallions. It was a nice bowl of soba, though generally a bit too much scallion for me.

The simmered yellowtail daikon radish which was delicious. I personally loved how soft yet firm daikon radish can get when you stew it for a while, so I really enjoyed this dish in particular.

Grilled yellowtail head is always an enjoyable dish for me. A very traditional izakaya dish; it had a good balance of meat to fattiness as well.

Lastly for dessert we ordered the green tea tiramisu, which was essentially a Japanese honey cake with matcha powder on marscapone cheese and red bean paste on the side. I really enjoyed this actually since it was like a deconstructed version of tiramisu but with traditional Asian flavors.

All in all, Fukurou is a casual Japanese izakaya that allows you to enjoy the sake with an interesting number of enjoyable small dishes.

87 MacDougal St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 388-0013

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