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  • Kikunoi (菊乃井): Wellspring of Deliciousness

    Kikunoi (菊乃井): Wellspring of Deliciousness

    Usually when I travel, I don’t venture to very high-end restaurants. Whether it’s because I want to maximize on tasting local cuisine or curb my spending (traveling hurts the wallet), I don’t end up going to these fine-dining institutions. However, this time was different! I wanted to get this experience in Japan, and ended up scoring…

  • August Part 1

    August Part 1

    Long time no blog! It’s been quite a busy few weeks finishing up my internship, seeing friends from home, helping out with freshmen orientation at NYU…so I apologize for the lack of entries. However, that doesn’t mean I’m taking any less pictures. My friends around me can testify to that. My ability to sneak in…