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  • Marta: Pizza and More

    Marta: Pizza and More

    UPDATE: I’ve moved to San Francisco! There will be posts about NY restaurants that I want to note from last year, and will soon be more posts about some of my travels in Australia, SE Asia and SF!  New Yorkers are always trying to find delicious pizza and luckily enough, it is easy to find.…

  • Forcella: Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in NY

    Forcella: Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in NY

    As a New Yorker, I believe one of your primary jobs is to know what “good” pizza tastes like. With all the options in the city, ranging from $1.00 slices to $18 personal pizza pies, where can you get that well-made delicious Neapolitan thin crust? Forcella with their new outpost in Manhattan, has provided this…