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  • Day: Rose House; Night: Buddakan

    Day: Rose House; Night: Buddakan

    These two outings happened on different dates but they’re both memorable.├é┬áMemorable = Post-Eligible. That’s right folks, I try to bring you the best of what I encounter as well as what I see. Not to mention it is in time to make a New Years Resolution: to blog more often. So…here goes! Day: Rose House…

  • A Slew of General Deliciousness

    A Slew of General Deliciousness

    Okay since I am having trouble writing about ONE particular restaurant/bakery/eatery, I figure this entry can be about a myriad of places that have one common trait: tasty food. I will name some “must-haves” when in New York, though this definitely is not a complete list whatsoever. What is this, you ask? Let me introduce…

  • August Part 1

    August Part 1

    Long time no blog! It’s been quite a busy few weeks finishing up my internship, seeing friends from home, helping out with freshmen orientation at NYU…so I apologize for the lack of entries. However, that doesn’t mean I’m taking any less pictures. My friends around me can testify to that. My ability to sneak in…