Forcella: Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in NY

As a New Yorker, I believe one of your primary jobs is to know what “good” pizza tastes like. With all the options in the city, ranging from $1.00 slices to $18 personal pizza pies, where can you get that well-made delicious Neapolitan thin crust? Forcella with their new outpost in Manhattan, has provided this island with authentic Italian pizza worth digging your teeth into.

The main chef, Giulio Adriani, has honed his craft in making pizza in Naples, Italy and brought his skills to Williamsburg, and now Manhattan on 338 Bowery near Bond St.  Welcoming smells of freshly baked pizza pervade the restaurant as I entered, with their mosaic-oven that bakes up to 1000 degrees and churned out multiple pizza pies at once. I immediately eyed a pizza pie sitting on the counter.

Boy was this slice of margherita good; the thin crust was a perfect thickness and had a slight chewy texture, and the tomato sauce was sweet and tart, combined with their in-house fresh mozzarella and slightly charred basil made this pizza delectable and extremely enjoyable to eat.

Pictured above is their Montanara pizza, its dough was flash-fried for a slightly more puffy crust, and then baked in the oven again with mozzarella and sauce. Even though I didn’t get a chance to sample this, I am looking forward to revisiting and trying it out.

Forcella also offered a number of different antipastis, like the bruchetta with artichoke and tomato pictured above, and unique desserts – mainly their Pizza Alla Nutella, a pizza stuffed with Nutella and almonds. Delish!

Even though we may have a lot of pizzerias in Manhattan, Forcella is definitely a place to check out; their authentic Neapolitan pizzas and flash-fried pizzas will have you coming back for more.

334 Bowery (at Bond St.)
(212) 466-3300

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