DT Works: Dessert Freebies Are Wonderful

After hearing about the DT Works‘s free deal on Serious Eats, I quickly urged a friend to come with me to get some dessert. Not only was today a perfect day to grab some ice cream – 80 degree sunny, slightly windy weather – but it gave me the excuse to bike down to the Lower East Side on a weekday.

I got their Honey-Rosemary ice cream. It was slightly and perfectly sweet, and ended off with a fragrant rosemary flavor. This definitely satisfied my desire to eat something cold, creamy, and sweet.

Peering into the baked goods display, something caught my eye.

This is their Sesame Passion Fruit macaron. Personally speaking I felt like it was a bit sweet but definitely has strong sesame and passion fruit flavor. They have other macarons but I hope they aren’t as sweet as the ones I tried out today.

Anyway I’m glad I got to taste what these guys have been making after moving from a dessert truck to a store front. I just hope they continue to make good and tasty sweets while holding true to their old-time popular desserts.

DT Works
6 Clinton St
New York, NY  10002

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