The Noodle Bar: Cold Noodles, Perfect for a Hot Day

It’s been hot. 90+ degrees hot. That’s why finding a restaurant that provides cooling drinks and refreshing dishes is very important. After wandering around Lower East Side, my friend and I end up making a spontaneous restaurant decision and venture into Noodle Bar.

Even though it wasn’t air-conditioned that particular day, they had both food and drink offerings to chill you out. They have normal drinks, some made from fresh fruit, and also flavored sodas. I stuck to plain ol’ iced water but would be interested in trying out their other beverages in the future.

My mind was only on cold noodles and I ordered their sesame-peanut noodle lunch set. It came with two spring rolls – taro and vegetable – and a side salad. The sesame-peanut noodles were perfectly made; not only was it cooling but also very delicious. The proportion of sauce to noodle was just enough not to overwhelm the entire dish. The sauce also nicely coated the other vegetables (i.e. cucumbers, eggplant) to tie everything together. A tasty plate all for $7.95!

Being an avid noodle eater, I’m just glad that we can enjoy noodles in hot weather. The Noodle Bar is quick, cheap, and worth a trip.

Noodle Bar
172 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

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