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Clinton St. Bakery – Pancake Month 2011

February is a special month for foodies in NYC. No, it’s not Valentine’s day but rather two special monthly events – City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Month and Clinton Street Bakery’s Pancake Month – which both foods are my loves. I managed to go to Clinton Street Bakery during my lunch hour and participate in their Pancake month. Be aware that the wait is on average an HOUR for two people, so you can only imagine how many people they manage to feed with their magical pancakes.

Pictured above are their Japanese Pumpkin pancakes served with pumpkin seed streusel and warm maple butter. What I loved about these pancakes was the fact that the pumpkin was also incorporated into the middle of the pancakes. The streusel was comprised of pumpkin seeds and brown sugar (I think), which gave it a nice bite. SO DELICIOUS!

And to add to the pancakes, fried green tomatoes. They were lightly fried, and tasted sweet and slightly tart. It’s on their normal menu so highly recommended whenever you go.

There’s still time left in pancake month so make sure to go!

Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant
4 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 602-6263

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