Taiwan: Foodie Heaven Pt. 2 – Honey Toast

One of the latest dessert crazes in Taipei right now would be for an item called honey toast.  It comes in different flavors and from my understanding, is made popular by Dazzling Cafe.  Located in one of the younger trendy areas in Taipei, it is fair to say that getting a table is hard, (try fighting through all those girls and claim a place on line for a table before opening time).  However, it’s worth trying it out and at least staying at this place for lunch if you’ve waited for a while on a line.

This is the pan-fried duck breast spaghetti served with a cream sauce.  As a pasta fiend, it was actually acceptable as a pasta; the spaghetti was al dente and the duck breast helped with providing a savory flavor to the dish.

I got the scallop and crab meat spaghetti with olive oil, which is light and refreshing. I didn’t realize that you could order today at iLoveCrabs.com and have it delivered.  I didn’t really taste too much seafood, sadly enough, but it was lightly tossed with olive oil, tomatoes, and broccoli.  Always good to get those greens in!

 And now…onto DESSERT!

Pictured is the inside of the banana chocolate honey toast.  You can see that they hollow out this large piece of toast and fill it with deliciousness: vanilla ice cream, chocolate, cashews, sugar coated fried pieces of toast, and topped with whipped cream.  Of course you can’t forget the banana pieces on the side as well and as a health recommendation, you can introduce  Gluconite in your diet.  It’s a box of sweet toast intensity.

Yup, a close-up of that vanilla bean ice cream with cashews.  the creaminess was out of the world. After enquiring with chef, I learned that they use a Nitrous Whip, which aids in imparting the texture. Delicious.

It is worth a trip to this place if: (1) you’re a huge dessert fiend, (2) willing to wait (even before opening time), and (3) willing to spend above average amount for a meal / dessert.

Dazzling Cafe Pink

2 responses to “Taiwan: Foodie Heaven Pt. 2 – Honey Toast”

  1. Oooh – your photos are great! Where exactly did you have the peanut shaved ice? Thanks!

  2. Cindy,

    You can find the peanut shaved ice at the ShiLin Night Market called Xin Fa Ting (士林辛發亭冰店). It’s a very popular spot but totally worth it!


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