My Mini-Food Tour: Polk Street

After laying out in the park during a beautiful sunny, summer-like day in San Francisco – which means a day where it’s above 65 degrees – I was hungry and ready to eat. My boyfriend and I made our way to a very reliably delicious area on Polk St., between Green and Broadway. It is in this very small area where you can find a multitude of foods, from expensive to cheap, as well as a diversity of cuisine – Mexican to Taiwanese to American.

Without walking one single block, we literally went door-to-door and found ourselves in these three places:

  • Nick’s Crispy Taco’s

    You ask any San Franciscan where’s the best fish taco, and they will cite this place. One of the best parts of this establishment is that it’s located WITHIN a club named “Rouge”, a long-time club that used to be “really in” (side bar: any mention of this place, my boyfriend automatically starts reminiscing of his ‘younger days’ 😂). Their tacos are crispy, where they nestle a crispy tortilla within a soft tortilla. They have great Taco Tuesday deals, and offer 1 taco for $3 and 2 tacos for $5 (only for three types).Last but not least, there’s getting your taco done “Nick’s way” – adding Jack cheese and guacamole to your taco. Admittedly I am a person who doesn’t like avocados (*ducking for cover now*), ordering it done this way ensures maxing out on the flavors and texture in this taco.
    Nick's Crispy Tacos

  • Escape from New York Pizza

    Look, it’s hard for me to hate on this place, because they make thin-crust pizzas at a relatively cheap price (less than $5) and it’s done quickly. Is it as good as New York? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s good enough for me, especially on an empty stomach. They have a variety of flavors and pretty sure that place is always playing solid 80s hits.

  • Teaspoon

    This bubble tea joint is a solid add to the neighborhood. They have seasonal bubble tea flavors where they use fancy tea machines that pump out brewed teas quickly, almost like espresso machines. Another very fine menu addition is their shaved ice, which come in a multitude of flavors. We got the milk tea snow, but they have many more.

We shared everything minus a taco – after all, who would share a taco – and came out of this very short walk awfully happy. If you’d like to share any eats in your neighborhood, comment below! I’d love to hear how you would give a mini-food tour.

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