SF: My Guide to Liho Liho Yacht Club

I often get the question, “I’ve heard of Liho Liho but never been there. Is it worth it to go to?” My answer is undeniably yes. It is totally worth getting a reservation there or trying to snag a seat at the bar. Note: If you want a table seat, go right when they open – 5pm – and line up.

So what makes Liho Liho spectacularly good?

  1. Their food is consistently delicious. After going 10 times, I can say that everything has tasted just as good as the first time I went. That’s hard to pull off for a restaurant, and they’ve done it.
  2. The service is laid-back and friendly. At the same time, the staff is able to give detailed descriptions of dishes/drinks, and attentive. This is my perfect mix.
  3. The ambience is warm and upbeat, bringing in the Hawaiian feel using ocean-colored floor tiles and pineapple-yellow wall tiles in the open kitchen. There’s usually some early 2000s hip-hop playing in the background, adding some groove to the place.

Okay, so what should you order?

Beef tongue buns

Ahi tuna poke

Roasted cauliflower

Housemade spam over rice (off-menu)

Baked Hawaiian

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